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Little Jumpers (60 min) 

Designed for 3-6 year olds who are eager to get into diving but can not yet swim in the deep end! This program involves one hour of dryland where the divers will get to use the trampolines, dry diving boards, dry platform, spring floor, as well as a variety of smaller pieces of equipment!  In this class the divers will work on the ABC's (Agility, Balance, Coordination) as well as some basic  diving techniques and positions.

Price: $210.00 

ABC Jump Start (90 min) 

Designed to provide 6-9 year olds with the abilities that will increase aptitude for all sports, this fun-filled, action-packed program keeps kids moving!  The 90-minute classes includes: 30 minutes of fun ABC skill building activities to increase agility, balance and coordination plus speed, strength and flexibility; 30 minutes of body awareness and control through basic gymnastic activities including rolls, handstands and trampoline; and 30 minutes of diving skills in the water.

Instructors guide kids towards better posture, fitness, listening skills & concentration. 

(Kids must be able to swim in the deep end).

Price: $250.00 



Beginner Diving (60 min) 

Introductory program for all kids aged 9+ up. Beginners learn the fundamentals of diving such as basic take-offs, air positions and basic forwards and backwards dives. Individuals progress at their own rate, based on readiness and desire.  Classes run for 1 hour, and signing up for more than one class per week is encouraged! 

Price: $210.00 


  • All divers must complete 2 laps to show swimming safety at the beginning of the first water session.

  • Divers wear a t-shirt and shorts over top of their bathing suits for warm up.

  • Most classes meet on pool deck by the 1-meter side of the pool, unless given instructions otherwise. 

Intermediate Diving (60 min) 

Divers who attain a Level 5 in our "Dive Star" program are invited to dive in the Intermediate program. Intermediate divers will work towards more challenging skills while continuing to strengthen their basic skills. If you are unsure if your diver qualifies for this program, please email to inquire at prior to registering! 

Price: $210.00



Advanced Diving (60 min) 

Divers who progress to Level 7 in our "Dive Star" program are invited to dive in the Advanced program.  Here divers are challenged to increase the quality of their skills and to learn more advanced skills from the 1-metre as well as from higher boards.  This class is also appropriate for individuals with an extensive gymnastics background.  This program is password protected.  Please email to verify the diver's eligibility for this program and to receive the password that will allow you to gain access to registration for this program.

Price: $210.00 


Teen Diving (60 min) 

This class is specifically designed for divers ages 13+.

In this class the divers progress at their own rate! New divers will learn the basics while returning divers will continue to progress and develop skills at their own pace.

There is no previous experience required to take this class. (Offered select sessions) 

Price: $210.00

Adult Diving (90 min) 

We offer a fun and challenging introductory class for adults of all ages who wish to learn new skills at their own pace. Come try a new sport and a unique way to stay fit! Lessons run for 90 minutes and include 30 minutes of warm-up and conditioning in our dryland room, and 60 minutes of working on diving skills in the water.

Price: $250.00

Gymnasts Transfer (90 min) 

Transfer your skills to a new sport!  No diving experience necessary, but must have competed at a minimum of JO 6 for girls and JO 4 for boys.  Email us with details of your gymnastics background and we will send you the password to register for this class.  Trampolinists and other competitive acrobats can also email to find out if this class is right fit. (Offered select sessions) 

Price: $250.00 

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